Roam around Nepal! A public transport solution, discover nearby places and book vehicles/trips for long-distance and short-distance travels.


GhumGham is a public transport solution for the local residents of Kathmandu who are suffering in silence because of lack of availability of information regarding public transports. It provides free information regarding vehicles as well as the transport routes and also helps to find the best and the cheapest transport routes using artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence (API) resides on a Node.js server, and it is built using world-class technology to minimize latency and maximize data savings (~22.6 ms response time and ~2.6 KB data usage on average). It covers on a wide range of parameters to deduce the optimum route--the quality of the road, the traffic, the quality of the vehicle, the time of the day, the availability of the vehicle, the fare, the total route distance, and with even more advanced features upcoming(like real-time vehicle tracking!)

GhumGham has minimum requirements that an app can run with stably with, as it works well on low-end devices (Android 2.3 or greater, 99.9% of all Android devices) while still providing a quality user experience. It is currently available for Android, with the iOS and the web version under rapid development.

Technologies Used:

API server

  • Node.js server
  • Express framework
  • Custom Database layer built over MariaDB


  • Material Design
  • Real-time feedback and support


  • Consideration of various parameters such as quality of the road, the traffic, the quality of vehicle, the time of day and the availability of the vehicle during the time, the total fare, the total route distance, etc
  • Extremely low latency, 22.2ms on average
  • Extremely low data communication, ~2.6KB on average request
  • Material design used
  • Only 7MB app size
  • Book vehicles for long-distance and short-distance journeys
  • Search for nearby cafĂ©, restaurants, etc.


Designed everything from scratch


Currently, the app runs on Android, with the iOS and Web version under rapid development.

Live Feedback

We value user feedbacks and as such have a real-time feedback functionality implemented.

Powerful Performance

High efficiency, low latency and low bandwitch API server for quality user experience.


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